Hammer Custom Builders

Who are we?

Hammer Builders is led by Wade Boyer, Master Carpenter and LEED Accredited Professional for New Construction and Major Renovation (LEED AP). Wade is a hand’s on, start-to-finish builder with an incredible eye for detail. He began his career apprenticing with a custom home builder in the 80’s, and his first business venture was a deck company, then he eventually began doing additions, kitchens, basements, and more. Wade attended UNLV School of Architecture.  Wade started his business while in his 20's, and after many years he moved to Las Vegas and  worked at the Golden Nugget as a Carpenter. While living there, he built his own home near Sunrise Mountain in Las Vegas. His work experiences continued as he transitioned away from remodeling into building just ground-up, new construction, Custom Homes, and during that time lived in a few of the models himself.


Wade is extremely family oriented and if you really want to see his face light up just ask him about his kids or his niece and nephews. He is passionate about the things he loves; his family, pets, and his work as a custom builder. He believes in being honest at all times, no matter what. Wade is generous, kind, and focused on leaving a legacy for his family. Something the younger generations will be proud to be a part of. He believes your reputation precedes you, and wants nothing more than for his name and his company name to be well known for all the things  mentioned above.   

We treat you like our business partner and not just a customer. Hammer Builders provides a customized remodeling experience which is personalized for the entire household to enjoy.  YOU, our business partners, have a huge impact on the project and determine the scope of the work and the overall feel of the design.

and you deserve to know where your money is going. 

Working with some of Chicagoland’s friendliest and imaginative homeowners, Hammer Builders has been involved in a large variety of custom home building, remodeling and renovation projects, leaving a legacy of superior quality for your family to enjoy for generations.